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R.I.P. Lemmy "Motorhead"

1-7-2016 Happy New Years to all! Smoke a big bowl, and stand tall ! On December 28th 2015 We lost the Godfather of Rock N Roll, Lemmy Kilmister died. I seen him 1984 in Chicago, and he was the ultimate front man. He has inspired me in many ways. He will be missed by many. I did my part and played Motorhead and Hawkwind Loud on New Years eve! It was kind of a down moment to start a New Year with. The grim realization has set in that most of the true metal bands are now gone or close to being gone. With the deaths of Bon Scott, Ronnie James Dio, Randy Rhoads, and now Lemmy; We are stuck with this watered down glam-prog metal bullshit that sounds like crap, and is not even true heavy metal. Sad New Years indeed.

2016 has started with the rumors of WW3, the whole world spinning out of control, and burning in between. The Evil American government fighting endless wars, and killing innocent people all over the world. Dictator Obama writing Exectutive Orders to take our freedoms away, all in the name of a New World Order. Most of my Music I have done is been Anti-NWO. I finished my first CD in 2015 titled New World Order, and it did have a couple good songs on it, but did not turn out how I had hoped it would. 2016 I am going to do another CD which musically should be an improvment. I am leaning towards my Blues, and metal roots for this new CD. I am upgrading all my musical equipment, and instruments. Lets hope it sounds better than the first one lol !

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