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Welcome To DJ OC80 Underground Productions!
R.I.P. Lemmy "Motorhead"

I am currently in the process of working on my second CD. This CD is going to be Psy Trance with a hint of industrial in it. My first CD "New World Order" turned 2 years old on May 15th. Last year with the loss of Lemmy from Motorhead kind of bummed me out and I didn't really work on any music. I just took the year off and didn't make anything new. I am hoping to have this new CD out sometime in October, 2017.

2017 A New year, a new president, and we still have the same old bullshit. America Fighting endless wars, our evil government trying to police the world, and the NWO moves closer to taking all of our freedoms. When you have a government that makes laws banning things that grow from the earth naturally that have never killed one person ever, Such as Magic Mushrooms, and Marijuana, which both have a bunch of medicinal uses. These crooked ass politicians in Washington protect big pharma, and make things that come from the earth illegal. While Booze and tobacco kill millions of people every year and are legal to buy in all states. I say 2017 is the Year we "JUST SAY NO" To Washington!!! I do not see Donald Trump changing anything for the better! He is just another puppet. We needed Ron Paul, not Trump. Now America needs a miracle. Let's see how this year plays out and brace yourselves and hope for the best! Peace to all mankind! DJ OC80

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